Dmitry Figol My name is Dmitry Figol and I am originally from Ukraine. I live in Krakow, Poland.
Currently I work for Cisco as a Systems Engineer in Worldwide Enterprise Sales team. I am focused on network programmability and automation. My team is responsible for enablement of Systems Engineer Enterprise community across the globe. This includes but not limited to creating different trainings, labs, demos and other deliverables. Regardless of what we do, we are focused on force multiplication of our work. Additionally, our team is an interface between SE community and Business Entities.
As part of my work, I am also doing a lot of automated reporting and integrations for our internal systems. I design and implement different software solutions from scratch, for example: distributed telemetry system for Proof of Value labs, fully automated lab management system on top of the physical gear and many other systems. I write code mostly in Python, heavily use Docker containers and configuration management systems like Ansible.
Currently I am investing my time into building the following skills: the code quality (unit tests, linters, static typing, documentation), software design (application abstractions, databases), deploy (containers and CI/CD pipelines), tools for controlling network configuration state (Cisco NSO) and many other things.

Previously I was working in TAC for two years. I was in Core Architecture team supporting routers as a platform and in VPN team supporting VPN technologies on ASA and IOS/IOS-XE routers.

I also have CCIE R&S #53592, which I earned in July 2016.
Before I joined Cisco I was writing Python code in the game development industry. Currently I am very interested in NetDevOps. Also, I live stream about network programmability, automation and programming in Python on Twitch almost every Sunday at 6 PM CET / 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST.

I am doing a lot of mentoring and teaching and I really like it. I am in the leadership team of RouterGods networking community. I am grateful to be the part of this community full of amazing people.

I have Bachelor of Science (BS) in Telecommunications.
In 2016 I applied for Georgia Tech Online Master of Science in Computer Science program (OMSCS). It consumes a lot of time, but it is a rewarding journey. As part of this Master’s degree program I am focused on Machine Learning.

Please note that the content on my website does not reflect a point of view of any of my employers, past or present.

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