Today I am releasing AWS Networking Learning Path.
This learning path contains a curated list of resources designed to take you from zero to hero on AWS networking so you can build networks on AWS of any scale.

Core principles:

  1. Every resource is reviewed by myself before it gets added.
  2. The goal is NOT to add every resource I find, but rather to keep it concise covering all required areas.
  3. Often the latest AWS re:Invent conference has a newer version of the presentation. I don’t add it blindly — I watch it and evaluate if an older resource should be replaced. It often results in update, because newer sessions usually cover both new feature launches and core service features, but not always.
  4. Feel free to suggest a new resource to be added or report a problem using this form. I might add your suggestion to the list after my review.

Having the following prerequisites is recommended before going through this learning path:

  1. Knowing core AWS Services (e.g. Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS IAM, Amazon CloudWatch) at ~AWS Solutions Architect Associate level. Consider taking this free AWS Skill Builder Solutions Architect course or any other SAA certification training (e.g. from Cloud Guru, Adrian Cantrill, Stephane Maarek)
  2. General networking knowledge at ~Cisco CCNA level. In particular you need to know about: TCP/IP, IP addressing, VLAN, DHCP, DNS, Static routing and BGP, IPSec. A good starting point is Network Fundamentals playlist by Adrian Cantrill.

To be able to build scalable AWS architectures, you will also want to learn about the following topics alongside AWS networking:

  • Landing Zones on AWS (AWS Organizations, AWS Control Tower, org-formation)
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools — AWS CloudFormation (CFN), HashiCorp Terraform, AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) or Pulumi
  • Serverless fundamentals — AWS Lambda, Amazon EventBridge, AWS Step Functions with Python/Javascript. Allows you to build custom automation.

How to use this Learning Path Link to heading

Resources are organized in order. Each resource can be one of 3 types (How Important field):

  • Strongly recommended — the best resources providing high-quality content with an amazing speaker. You will miss out if you skip these.
  • Optional — a resource which is not mandatory and covers some specific feature or niche. if the topic is not very interesting to you and you don’t have a lot of time, feel free to skip.
  • Recommended — the rest of resources are falling into this category.

There are 2 all-in-one courses available. Either of them is a good place to start, but they are not enough to design AWS networks. If you know AWS networking fundamentals, you can skip them as the rest of resources cover topics much deeper.
There are several hands-on labs collections put at the top but they cover many topics at once. Feel free to go through them, once you are more comfortable with AWS Networking Fundamentals, such as VPC, VPC Endpoints, DNS, TGW.

There is a field Modified date which will help you track changes to this learning path in case I add or update an entry. I plan to keep this Learning Path up-to-date.

Topics covered in AWS Networking Learning Path:

  • AWS Network Infrastructure
  • Amazon VPC (including Shared VPC)
  • Amazon IPAM
  • AWS Transit Gateway (TGW)
  • AWS Site-to-Site VPN
  • AWS Direct Connect (DX)
  • AWS Client VPN
  • Amazon Route 53 and Hybrid DNS
  • AWS PrivateLink / VPC Endpoints
  • AWS Cloud WAN
  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
  • Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB), AWS Network Firewall and other network security mechanisms on AWS
  • Network Design and Architecture on AWS
  • IPv6 on AWS
  • Network observability and monitoring on AWS
  • Data Transfer Cost on AWS
  • Amazon EKS and AWS Lambda networking
  • Amazon VPC Lattice
  • AWS Verified Access
  • Edge services: AWS Global Accelerator, Amazon CloudFront, Local Zones, Wavelength Zones
  • AWS Private 5G

Reach out to me if you have any feedback!
Happy studying and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I plan to cover many of these topics myself!